What is Camago? FAQ

What is Camago?

Camago is the first guide that helps you understand the benefits of Home exchange through useful tips and a home exchange club directory to compare club services. Camago also offers exclusive discounts on home exchange club subscriptions.





Exchange with Amsterdam

Home exchange to Amsterdam, it is like picturing yourself into one of these old multi-storied buidings in the center of the city. Behind an 18th or 19th century facade, close to the historic canals,...

Swap your home with Berlin

Exchanging your house to Berlin, it is either living in a vast bourgeois apartment, with high ceilings, either tasting the strange modernity of Eastern borough, tainted with remnants of Stalinist...

Buenos Aires
Exchange with Buenos Aires

Swapping your house to Buenos Aires is like being both far and near from Europe. The charm of the city comes from its architecture, cousin of the architecture of Paris or Madrid, and from its strong...

Exchange with Chicago

Visiting Chicago is having the opportunity to saunter into one of the most interesting urban landscape in the world (The Chicago school of architecture). It is fantasizing about a prohibitive (Al...

Swap your home with Copenhagen

Home exchange to Copenhagen, it is before all avoiding exchanging cars. Car driving is not really a problem in the city, but everything is designed for cycling. You MUST travel by bike in Copenhagen....

Home exchange with Dublin

Swapping your home to Dublin, it is discovering a city with a mixed traces of a provincial town history and evidence of recent and exuberant financialisation of the city. And in Dublin, contact with...

House swapping with Florence

Exchanging your house to Florence is having the chance to stay in a historic district, not far from the huge tourist rallies, but, nevertheless, in a quiet apartment hiding from the sun behind...

Swap your home with Hong-Kong

Home exchange to Hong Kong will open you the doors to various environments. From high-end duplexes on the main island or in Kowloon, to apartment in the quiet side of Stanley in the South, or small...

Swap your home with London

House swapping to London is like experiencing each day the mix of tradition and ultra modernity. The abundance of shopping streets, the futuristic banks of the Thames, green parks, legendary...

Los Angeles
Exchange with Los Angeles

Los Angeles carries an impressive number of myths. Its inhabitants are often charming people who are able to mix new age and ultra modernity. They have lessons to give. Home exchange is also about...

Exchange with Madrid

Home exchange to Madrid is first of all having beautiful opportunities during the summer. And for good reasons, Madrid people stay away from the city in July and August as it becomes a real oven,...

Exchange with Montreal

House swapping to Montreal is at first the the sensation of having landed in New York. Skyscrapers and suspension bridges are countless. But once installed in the shoes of a Montrealer, you will...

New York
Home exchange with New York

Home exchange to New York is becoming a New Yorker! This sole idea makes you dream. Each day, out of bed early with excitement, you will have the feeling of being in the heart of the world. In...

Swap your home with Paris

Exchanging your house to Paris, is getting into the skin of a Parisian, an animal they say the worst in the world, but who is not so terrible. Whether you stay in the "classical" Western area, the...

Home swapping with Quebec

Quebec is a very nice place to settle, and not only for french people. The town is like a part of French Brittany in North America. There, you will be able to live in a kind of a French way, in...

House swapping with Rome

House swapping to Rome is separated into two distinct moods. The apartments in the center are often old, with courtyards, enjoying shade and relative coolness. In the suburbs, traces of the rapid...

San Francisco
Home exchange with San Francisco

When exchanging to San Francisco, we dream teaching at Berkeley, manager of a start up in the Silicon Valley. A stay of a couple of weeks in the bay, and you'll feel being part of the vanguard of the...

Home exchange with Stockholm

Exchanging your house to Stockholm is diving into an environment where water is ubiquitous and interiors are worthy of the Ikea showroom. Between museums and restaurants, everything is provided for...

House swapping with Sydney

Home exchange to Sydney is diving into an everyday life where "out of the office" rhymes with "beach time", or where meeting with neighbors may be in natural pool or with a drink on a boat crossing...

Home exchange with Vancouver

The sea holds the dominant position in Vancouver. Thee most attractive offers are located near the University of British Columbia, and the English Bay (apartments with sea view, but also townhouses...


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