What is Camago? FAQ

What is Camago?

Camago is the first guide that helps you understand the benefits of Home exchange through useful tips and a home exchange club directory to compare club services. Camago also offers exclusive discounts on home exchange club subscriptions.




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How to make a good presentation

Introducing yourself right from the start makes sense. Imagine someone surfing and watching listings quickly. He first of all looks at the pictures of houses. But any positive information, attractive or puzzling, should be able to let the watcher take notice of your ad.

Reminder : home swap is an exchange

This  tautology is not useless. A home swapper may be attracted by a house, but he can as well be interested in the kind of life of its dwellers. If he finds you are a nice person, he may enjoy your way of life and therefore like the idea to come to your place.

You face the competition of your neighbors. This may shock you, but it actually happens. If many people living in your area are seeking home trades, then your chances of being courted will be reduced. Taking this point of view, just consider your house as “a product” which must trigger desire (without going as far as to dress up the reality) as consider yourself as a real estate agent.

Hence, these are our advice on how to present yourself.

Answer these questions:

  • Who are you?
  • How do you spend your life?
  • What does your family look like?
  • Which are your passions?
  • What do you particularly like in home swap?

People need to project themselves and to imagine your values in order to feel at ease exchanging with you. Don’t forget, for them it will be like inviting an unknown person at home.

Express yourself with care

Contrary to this, by just using vulgar expressions or letting orthographic errors remain in your wording may put in jeopardy the good aknowledgement of your presentation. Remember, everything counts.

The more people will know about you, the more good reasons they will have to be in touch and deal with you. And you will not spend time uselessly in talks with travellers who don’t see things like you do.

Last warning : When we tell you to say a lot, we don’t mean going as far as to reveal private details or informations on your properties ! We are on the web, and on the web, whatever say the sites on confidentiality, data can travel and stay on line for a long time…


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