What is Camago? FAQ

What is Camago?

Camago is the first guide that helps you understand the benefits of Home exchange through useful tips and a home exchange club directory to compare club services. Camago also offers exclusive discounts on home exchange club subscriptions.




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Say clearly what you don’t want

To avoid useless communications with other members, and to keep your enthusiasm and motivation intact, be clear on the destinations or the types of accommodations you are clearly not interested in.

Home exchange leads to opportunities for holidays in unexpected regions. But if you really don’t want to go to Norway in december, say so !

Many swappers say they are open to every propositions, and when you contact them to offer your home for a swap, they decline your proposal. So, do what you can to minimize the waste of time. You don’t have to go to the end of the world just for one week.

It is the same way for the type of accomodation you are looking for: if you absolutely prefer a house to an apartment, say so. Avoid hurtful messages like “if you have a two rooms flat, forget me”.

So if you are not open to surprises or if you can not change your destinations, say it. Remain polite if by accident you receive proposals which don’t fit with your criterias. Some swappers know very well how to convince and shall make you change your mind !


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There are more that 60 Home Exchange Clubs in the World Wide Web. Camago helps you find the one that fits your way of travelling.

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Camago allows you to save money on yearly subscriptions to home exchange clubs.

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