What is Camago? FAQ

What is Camago?

Camago is the first guide that helps you understand the benefits of Home exchange through useful tips and a home exchange club directory to compare club services. Camago also offers exclusive discounts on home exchange club subscriptions.




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How to write a home book

A perfect home book is a melting of partical and personal informations. It’s a guideline but it’s also a way to welcome the other exchangers. It shows that everything have been thought, for the confort of those who are going to take your place for a while.

Here is the list of informations absolutely necessary in a home book:

Before everything, some very important telephone numbers

  • Health emergency
  • Police
  • Firemen
  • Anti poison center
  • Number and address of the closest hospital
  • Number and address of the closest pharmacy and the one open 24H/24
  • Number of the dentist
  • Number of people to contact in case of problems : family, neighbour, friends and concierge
  • Number of the plomber, the electrician
  • Number of the taxi station
  • Number of a baby sitter in which you are very confident

Pratical informations concerning inside the house

Best pratice, for daily life of your new friends is to leave notes in every strategic place of the house. Then, they will not have to keep the home book always with them, and could make the good choices at once. But, as a note can be lost, those informations must be in the home book as well.

Pratical informations concerning the use of the house

  • The guidelines for the use of every domestic appliance (washing machine, dry machine, dish washer, oven, refrigirator, vacuum cleaner etc). Warning: don’t explain things as it is writen on  explanation books, but as you use it in real life. All of us have their own tips to avoid flooding, to clean filters etc.  You have to mention those tips.
  • Think to be very specific in the explanation of the remotes (TV, DVD, radio). An average occidental house has four of these little things. Not being able to use them can bring a tired tourist to madness.
  • Think to inform about the localisation of the water arrival.
  • Think to inform about the localisation of circuit breaker
  • Think to tell wher is the alarm

Pratical informations concerning, the building, the garden, the neighborhood

  • The days for watering plants
  • Wher to find tools and water in the garden
  • Days for refuse collection
  • The rules for the tri of garbages
  • The presence, or not, of a concierge
  • The reffering person in the building

Informations concerning the district:

  • Where to find a bank and a cash machine
  • Where to eat, the best addresses of the area (with a personal commentary, a souvenir, or a note about the owner or the cook)
  • Where to find the best cafe and the best bakery
  • Where is the grocer open 24H/24
  • Where is the pharmacy open day and night
  • Where is the post office
  • Restaurants which propose take away (with their documentation)
  • Where are the kinder garden and parcs

Practical informations concerning the tourism:

  • Think about attractions which can be done during the day (museum, monuments, boat trip, sight seeing buses etc).

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