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What is Camago?

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Home exchange to New York

New York

Home exchange to New York is becoming a New Yorker! This sole idea makes you dream. Each day, out of bed early with excitement, you will have the feeling of being in the heart of the world. In Harlem, the Upper Side, near Central Park or Down Town, Brooklyn or Queens, the invitation to "devour" the city will be permanent. You will start your day in a Coffee Shop with a muffin and coffee to go. You will end it harassed but at home! Slumped on a sofa, surrounded by books, a beer in hand, you wil

New York
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Camago advice

Even if New York is much safer than in the 80's and 90's, you should remain vigilant. The atmosphere can radically change from one block to another. You should pay attention to the house localization and learn a little about the area on Internet (for instance in Brooklyn, houses at Brooklyn Heights are great, but the atmosphere may be more burdensome to the east of Prospect Park).

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