What is Camago? FAQ

What is Camago?

Camago is the first guide that helps you understand the benefits of Home exchange through useful tips and a home exchange club directory to compare club services. Camago also offers exclusive discounts on home exchange club subscriptions.




Home exchange to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Swapping your house to Buenos Aires is like being both far and near from Europe. The charm of the city comes from its architecture, cousin of the architecture of Paris or Madrid, and from its strong personality boroughs. Close to the Avenida 9 de Julio, you will meet office workers who hurry in pedestrian streets or have lunch in the parks. Around Recoleta, this will be the crowd of tourists visiting museums, monuments and the cemetery where rests Eva Perón, hated or adored by Argentines. In S

Buenos Aires
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Buenos Aires
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Camago advice

In Buenos Aires, neighborhoods near the Delta de Plata are beautiful uptown. Close to San Isidro, you will find houses with boats!

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