What is Camago? FAQ

What is Camago?

Camago is the first guide that helps you understand the benefits of Home exchange through useful tips and a home exchange club directory to compare club services. Camago also offers exclusive discounts on home exchange club subscriptions.




1. What are Camago’s principles

Camago is the main webguide about home exchange. Do you want to know more about us ? You will find in this section answers about most frequently asked questions.

1. What are Camago principles ?

Camago is a web site providing information and testimonies to help web users practise home swap. Camago’s calling is to be as helpful as possible for the ones who are swappers already as well as for those who are tempted to do it but have never tried. Just like a selection guide, Camago :

    • Answers your frequent questions on house swap
    • Provides practical advice to get started in the home exchange
    • Provides practical advice to make the best possible announcement
    • Gives advice on security and insurance
    • Compares holiday home exchange sites
    • Allows swappers to share their experiences, happy or bad



      Find the Home Exchange Club that suits you best

      There are more that 60 Home Exchange Clubs in the World Wide Web. Camago helps you find the one that fits your way of travelling.

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      Save money!

      Camago allows you to save money on yearly subscriptions to home exchange clubs.

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      Home exchange tips

      Camago is the reference site that informs you and guides you in your first house swap experience.

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